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Denture Services

Denture Repairs

Same-day denture repairs are only currently available at our First Class Denture Clinic in Mapperley, Nottingham. Please call us on 07471 315473 by 12 noon (Mondays to Fridays) if you want to have your dentures repaired on the same day.

Our 3-Step Denture Repair Process

Step 1

Denture Repair Consultation

Bring your dentures along to one of our clinics so we can determine if we will be able to repair them for you. We’ll also need to examine your mouth to check for any changes (badly fitting dentures have a habit of breaking!)

Step 2

Same-Day Denture Repairs

We appreciate you won’t want to be without your false teeth for too long. If your dentures are suitable for repair, we’ll aim to mend them for you within 2 hours at our denture clinic in Mapperley.

Step 3

Denture Fitting & Alterations

After repairing your teeth, we’ll ensure they fit correctly and make any adjustments until you’re completely happy with the final result. It’s important to note however that if your dentures keep breaking, there’s likely to be an underlying reason for this.   

We offer a no-obligation denture consultation with one of our Clinical Dental Technicians to have your dentures checked over. At this appointment, we’ll explain the different types of dentures available and give you an approximate idea of treatment costs.

Emergency Denture Repairs

We also offer an emergency denture repair service in Mapperley, Nottingham when our clinics are closed.

Please call 07471 315473 if you require emergency repairs to your dentures at weekends or in the evening. We’ll discuss options and timescales for the repair of your broken or damaged dentures.

For denture repairs, contact us at 07471 315473 for a no-obligation consultation.