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Denture Services

Denture Types & Costs

The total cost of having new dentures is determined by a number of factors.

  • Denture type (complete dentures cost more than a partial denture, for example)
  • Material specified
  • Time & skills required
  • Additional dental costs (for teeth extractions if needed)

Our Dentures Price Range

Partial Dentures

From £595 (acrylic), £995 (chrome), from £795 (Flexible Dentures)

If you have natural teeth remaining, a plan needs to be agreed upon with a dentist before treatment can begin. Dental and denture services can be provided at all of our clinics.

  • Normal acrylic partials are easy to repair and adapt if you require additional teeth added at a later stage.  Some designs can appear bulky though. 
  • A chrome partial denture is recommended for minimal tongue interference, especially on lower dentures. 
  • A Valplast partial denture is a popular choice. Comfortable and lightweight with no clasps. Difficult to repair and can be quite expensive.

Full Dentures

From £1295 (upper and lower)

Our clinical dental technicians will use the latest techniques to craft a complete set of dentures that should last 10 years. An absolute must for anyone who wants to look younger.

Implant Dentures

From £750

Implant retained dentures are (quite simply) false teeth that are secured in place by dental implants. They’re an ideal solution if you’re concerned about loose fitting dentures.

Suction Dentures

£1999 (upper or lower), £3600 (upper and lower)

A good alternative (if implant-retained dentures aren’t an option for you). A vacuum between the denture and gums gives a comfortable and secure fit.

Important Note: Results cannot be guaranteed, and assessment by our clinical dental technicians will determine your suitability for suction dentures. Not all patients have the facial features required for successful results.

Same Day Dentures

Price on request

If you don’t want to wait for your gums to heal after having teeth removed, our same-day denture service is what you need. Please note: the denture may become loose in time as the bone shrinks back. A denture reline is recommended (if this happens) to ensure your dentures fit perfectly again.

Similarly, lost or broken dentures (that can’t be repaired) can be replaced within 24 hours.

All dentures are expertly made by our clinical dental technicians at our First Class Denture Clinics.

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of £250 is required at the commencement of denture work. The final balance is payable on your last visit.