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Denture types explained: which one is best for you?

Dentures, or false teeth, can be fitted if you need to have one or more of your natural teeth removed. They’re an effective way to restore the look and function of your mouth, giving you back your smile and helping you talk and eat with confidence. Today, there are many different types of dentures available, which can be a little confusing for patients. In this article, we’ll talk you through five of the most common types to help you decide which might be the right choice of denture for you.

  • Full or complete dentures

These are the usual option for patients who’ve had all their natural teeth removed. They’re very carefully made to fit your mouth as well as possible and to mimic the look, colour and shape of your own teeth. As a result, they give a very natural appearance and it’s often impossible for other people to tell you’re wearing dentures. They can be created from a variety of materials, including metal, composite resin, porcelain, acrylic resin and acrylic (plastic).

  • Partial dentures

As the name suggests, partial dentures can be fitted if you have had one or more teeth removed, but still have some of your natural teeth. You might feel that if your missing teeth aren’t visible, you don’t need to have false teeth fitted. However, we recommend you consider this, as a partial denture will help to protect your remaining natural teeth by stopping them drifting and moving in your mouth. Just like full dentures, partial sets are designed to look as natural as possible and can be made from a range of different materials.

  • Immediate dentures

Also called temporary or same-day dentures, these can be fitted immediately after your tooth extraction. This means you don’t have to wait for your permanent dentures to be manufactured, which can take a few weeks or months. Immediate dentures are also ideal if your existing dentures have been lost or broken, acting as a stopgap until they’ve been repaired or replaced. They’re not suitable for everyone, but your clinical dental technician will be able to advise on this.

  • Implant-supported and implant-retained dentures

Both these types of dentures involve implants being fitted in the place of each tooth, onto which the denture is then clipped to keep it in place. The implants are usually made from titanium or zirconium oxide. Implant-supported dentures are used when you have enough bone throughout the entire arch of your mouth, whilst implant-retained ones are used in areas of the jaw where there is enough bone remaining. If you do have bone loss, you can choose to have a bone graft so implant-supported dentures can be fitted. Implant dentures are an ideal choice for patients who find that traditional dentures slip or move around their mouth, although they’re not suitable for everyone.

  • Suction dentures

Suction dentures are another option for people who find normal dentures difficult to keep in or who find them too bulky in the mouth. As well as offering better retention and comfort than traditional dentures, they can also make talking and eating easier. Suction dentures are held securely in place by atmospheric pressure which creates a vacuum between the denture and the gum. Because of this, they must be made with extreme precision to make sure the fit with your gums is absolutely perfect.

Which types of dentures do First Class Denture Clinics offer?

We can supply, fit and maintain all the above types of dentures. When you visit us for your initial consultation, your dentist or clinical dental technician will discuss your options and recommend which type will be most suitable for you. If more than one type could be fitted, the choice will, of course, be yours.

Find out more about denture types at First Class Denture Clinics

Please visit our website to read about the different types of false teeth we offer at FCDC. You’ll also find an indication of costs and a helpful video that shows you the process of having new dentures designed and fitted.

If you’d like to book a consultation about new dentures, please call us on 0115 646 2023 today. Your first appointment will be FREE with no obligation to proceed. Or, you can ask us a question using our quick online form.